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Stories and Resources for Women Veterans

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Vet to Vet: Jenn

Veterans Coming Home: Jennifer — "I think part of the reason why I wanted to be a therapist was because I wanted answers. . . . I wanted the quick-fix way of how to do it and I just thought maybe if I read enough books I could find the answers. And that's not true at all."

Public Media is Supporting Women Veterans in Their Communities

Army veteran Kateesha Hubbert who was recruited by Roush Enterprises

In Detroit, Michigan

Through partnerships with the Michigan Veterans Affairs agency, Detroit-based veterans service organizations, and the local Society for Human Resource Management, Detroit Public TV (DPTV) connects veterans with resources to support their career search. DPTV's "Hiring 101" series includes four videos that focus respectively on interviewing, recruitment, retention, and translating military skills to the workplace.

Wisconsin Public Television

In Wisconsin

Veterans listen to other veterans. By sharing their personal stories and talking directly to their peers about issues like reintegration to civilian life, military sexual trauma and PTSD, veterans in a Wisconsin Public Television video series advise and motivate their peers to connect with counseling and other services.

San Antonio KLRN

In San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio KLRN works with local, state, and national partners to enable veterans to share their stories and to successfully transition from military to civilian life. A key part of the effort is KLRN's Veterans Academy through which transitioning military personnel are educated on a variety of topics designed to support reintegration and foster meaningful employment.