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Connect with Healing Stories and Resources for Veterans and Their Families

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Zachary Bell | Courage Beyond

Zachary Bell shares his experience separating from the military and adjusting to civilian life. He talks about what led him to work with other veterans facing similar challenges.

See How Communites Are Supporting Veterans and Their Families

Eight Arizona

In Arizona

"Reintegration (for veterans) is difficult because it’s an entirely different culture… and that's intimidating," says Colonel James Isenhower, special assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He and other guests on KAET's Veterans Coming Home: Ask an Arizona Expert, addressed the challenges faced by transitioning veterans and connected veterans and family members with support and resources.


In Springfield, Massachusetts

Encouraging its viewing audience to engage on social media, WGBY hosted "A Call To Action: A Veterans Coming Home Special" in November. The live studio panel discussion focused on local veterans' issues such as homelessness, unemployment, health care, and social integration. The half-hour live broadcast continued off-air and online immediately following the broadcast.

Wisconsin Public Television

In Wisconsin

Veterans listen to other veterans. By sharing their personal stories and talking directly to their peers about issues like reintegration to civilian life, military sexual trauma and PTSD, veterans in a Wisconsin Public Television video series advise and motivate their peers to connect with counseling and other services.